Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Storytelling@Belfast - Come along on our Journey


We are delving into the art of Storytelling during our literacy sessions school-wide.        Storytelling teaches in a way that students can easily remember, and it helps us to relate to one another. Stories are important as they affirm who we are, and allow us to experience the similarities between ourselves and others, real or imagined. They help us make meaning of our lives.  Students are able to delve into the deeper features of writing using this approach.

The steps of storytelling that students have been exploring so far are Hear-listening to the story being told to them, Map-drawing a cyclic mind map using images to recount the key events of the story, Step-Stepping out the key events using actions, Speak-Retelling the story in preparation for writing.

Below are some pics and videos of each stage being used throughout the school.
Hear - Room 18
Miss Truesdale is telling part of the story of "Where the Wild Things Are".  Actions are an important part of telling the story as it hooks the audience and helps them to remember story events.
Map - Room 10
Here are two examples of a map from Yasaman  in Room 10 showing the main events in the story of  "The Little Red Hen".

Step - Room 16
 Libby Crawford in Room 16 is stepping out the first part of the story from "The Freedom Bird".  
Speak - Room 22
There are a variety of ways in which stories can be told.  Olivia Wilson and Jairna Harris from Room 22 are telling part of the story of "The Freedom Bird" using the talking stick.
Warm up - Oral Language activities

At the beginning of storytelling, classes will begin with an oral language game.  Lily and Brogan from Room 18 are playing the game of "Tell Me More Lies". 
 Imitation Writing

For our first piece of writing, the students have been writing a retell of the story they are focussing on.  The other forms of writing are innovation and invention which we will explore at a further time.

Here is an example of imitation writing from Jesse in Room 11.  They have retold (part) of the story of "The Freedom Bird".


Students and teachers will add to this blog to show what they have been doing during Storytelling in their classrooms.  Please watch this space.