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The Next Step of our Journey - Deepening

The Next Step of our Journey - Deepening
Deepening grows the imagination of the students and allows students to explore "new segments, paragraphs, dialogue and literacy features".
Deepening also allows students to be able to make connections with the stories, empathise with characters, gain knowledge of people, places, time and society, think critically, to question and explore ideas and explore language patterns of stories many times to help improve retelling.
There are a range of deepening activities which teachers can use.  Below are two examples of oral language games which can be used as a warm up as well as to help with deepening.
Reflection Circle: Characters
A group of students from Room 4 are showing the activity, Reflection Circle, which explore the different characters within the story of the "The Gingerbread Man".

Character Interview
Hayden, Maia and Tyson from Room 14 are showing the oral language activity of the Talk Show Character Interview using the story "Princess Rose".  The group had to choose two characters from the story who had a problem with each other and try to reconcile their differences.

There are many other deepening activities which include:
- re-enacting parts of the story, objects and characters
- pictures for key moments
- narrative songs, dances and poems
- key moment descriptors, phone call role play
- re-stepping
- dialogue role play
- job interviews/applications/epitaph
- hot seat - relevant questions
- role play interviews and chat shows
Here is an example of Room 18's classroom display of "Where the Wild Things Are" showing the key settings, ideas and language of the story.


Room 3 and 7 have made a display in the library of "The Gingerbread Man".  Room 3 explored and recorded what their favourite part of the story was.  Room 7 created 'Missing" posters for the Gingerbread Man.  These posters included what the Gingerbread Man looked like in detail.  Below is  Emma's favourite part of the story and Daniel's Missing Gingerbread Man Poster.


Room 3 has just started exploring the story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".  As a deepening activity, the class made character plates showing special characteristics of their character.  This is seen below:

There are three key matrixes used to help with deepening.  They are:
plot matrix
mood map
boxing up for a purpose
Room 10 have done a class plot matrix of "The little Red Hen".  This is seen below in her classroom display.  Also on the display are chalk pictures of characters from the story. 

The class then created their own plot matrix using the plot of "The Little Red Hen" however they had to change either the characters and/or the type of baking made.  This type of writing is called "innovation".  Here is an example of Paige's plot matrix.

Room 14 have been using the "Boxing up for a Purpose" matrix.  You can view a snapshot of Mrs Wing introducing this activity to the class.   I have also included a photo of their matrix. 



Keep watching this space to see the next part of our journey.

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